Visual concepts

Re-designing the Swedish Armed Forces

Ever since the immense change from the long tradition of national service to a professional career within the Swedish armed forces, one of the major challenges has been finding new recruits. The image of the armed forces among the target audience was perceived as a rigid governmental institution. Our job as an advertising agency has been to unveil the stereotype to show the true picture of the workplace and the people within. With communication in place the natural next step was to tune up their visual identity to reflect the modern employer they are today. This was a digital first project with strong focus on functionality but still to portray the heart and soul of the Swedish defense.

Design principles

A foundation of principles was outlined for the identity as a framework to lean future design and communication on:

– The Swedish Armed Forces as a given sender
– Convey credibility & dynamics
– Deliberate design
– Be available and easy to understand


We started FMTK (Swedish Armed Forces Sports Club) and created the FMTK app, a complete and easy accessible training tool for everyone. Wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Download the app here:
App Store och Google Play