Sensitive Balance creative concept


ACO has 80 years of experience in sensitive skin and their products are carefully developed in their own laboratory. Sensitive Balance is their first targeted face series for sensitive skin with the innovation prebiotics. Our assignment involved strategy, product concept, naming, packaging design and communication for this product launch.

Packaging design

The category color for sensitive skin is often white. So we created a packaging design with white base for easy navigation and added a strong graphic element in a blue kick color for shelf stand out and to visually strengthen the concept.


The ACO tonality is always honest and clear to make it easy to find, understand and differentiate the product series. The name Sensitive Balance is no exception, here the word Sensitive clearly speaks to the target group. And the word Balance comes from the benefits of prebiotics, which is the key ingredient in the series.

Launch campaign

For the launch we created a campaign to communicate the new range, highlight the products and its innovation. The visual expression in the campaign is connected to the packaging design with the blue graphic element, linking it strongly together in all touchpoints. The outcome was both films for youtube, digital out of home and short social media films categorized in to range, single product and in depth key ingredients. The campaign also included printed material such as sales folder and print ads.