Unleash Mondaysss

IIn the world today there is a desire for liberation - from prejudices, norms, ideals, history and expectations. From everything that holds us back. And research tells us that clothes have a big impact on how we feel, how we act and how people perceive us. Those insights and the mass appeal of Kappahls wide assortment lead us to a communication concept that urges people to unleash themselves through the way they dress. The concept marked the starting point of a more insight driven communication approach by Kappahl and for our first collaborative campaign together we encouraged people to unleash themselves on the worst day of the week – Mondays. Because for many people, Mondays are a day filled with stress, worry and anxiety. It’s the day when we, by far, google health related topics the most. Clothes can’t solve all issue of course, but they can help you feel just a little bit better.