Unleashing Telenor

Telenor Sweden leaps beyond their competitors and into the future. 

The lockup has been rebalanced with a smaller symbol and larger wordmark. On most units, though, we only use the symbol alone as the primary signifier of Telenor.


We’ve unleashed the Telenor blue in a versatile brand device to create a coherent and flexible design system across brand, tactical and retail communication. An active blue has been added to manifest Telenor as a blue brand.


The new imagery for Telenor is made to stand out in the telecom category by using technology in unexpected and progressive ways to strengthen a Telenor that goes their own way.

In collaboration with Letters from Sweden, we created a typeface for Telenor Sweden. The new headline typography is a serif font, which adds character in the otherwise repetitive category of telecom. The customized typography is inspired by the shapes of the Telenor symbol, making the humanistic font truly unique for Telenor.

Brand device

To strengthen the brand recognition and create a blue thread across all touchpoints, the new brand d


The device, in the characteristic Telenor Blue, is based on a system and creates bold and abstract shapes.