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360 Re-branding

Once an appreciated, popular and iconic brand, proudly owned by all of us (in Sweden). But after controversial investments and challenged expansions into coal and gas, Vattenfall had lost the Swedish people's trust. With new commercial goals and the ambition to regain confidence from employees, customers, partners and owners, as well as being established as one of Europe's leading energy companies, a new purpose was set: "We exist to power climate smarter living".

Scope of work

Our assignment was to bring this new purpose to life, through identity and communication - insightful, relevant, powerful and effective across 8 countries, touchpoints, channels, time and space. And most of all, with the credibility show that it is a new, transformed Vattenfall, on the way to new, cleaner and broader goals.

Central to the story of Vattenfall's ability to think bigger and see life in a broader perspective is the lens - both a foundation for a brand storytelling device and the symbol for the new Vattenfall.

Launched in April 2018. All-time high preference (since 2012) during Q4 2018.