No fuss just smart


Identity design
Spatial / Wayfinding

Stay fresh.

Aiden hotels is a challenger brand, within the Scandinavian hospitality market, that opened its first hotel in 2022 and is rapidly expanding. With a fresh take on what a budget chain hotel can, and should be, they needed an identity to go with it.


Strategy informs identity.

With a no-fuss, just fun and convenient approach to the brand we complemented a solid foundation with an energetic, modern tonality and a look that is stylistic yet bold in its clean simplicity.


Few but hardworking elements.

Location, location, location. That’s been the buzz of hotels since, well, always. However, to stand out by showing yet another image of a cityscape was never an option for Aiden. Instead, we went for a typographic approach that brought both personality and attitude to the new kids in town.