We are not your usual design agency

Having grown up together with our advertising family at NORD DDB, we do not consider identity as an isolated discipline (or delivery). Today’s media-landscape requires brands to achieve a liquid presence, visual and conceptual coherence across all modes of expression, channels and touchpoints.

We create brand worlds

In order to achieve this, we operate at the intersection between strategy, design, communication and experience. In the physical and digital world. Brand worlds are not created out of nothing. Our grasp of people insight, brand & sales drivers, and data comes as naturally as our knowledge of visual identity, motion, retail design, typography, UX and everything else that our 30+ strong team is capable of. This enables us to create brand worlds that are powerful, relevant & noticeable in every touchpoint.

Growth by design

All clients have different starting points, levels of consumer insights, data and market understanding. But in order to achieve success – we need a foundation for building the brand world. So we start off by getting to know each other to understand what’s in place, and what needs to get done.

Guided by a common belief and principles

We are a collective of the most creative individuals with a collaborative approach to our design efforts. And we share the same ethos and beliefs that shape the work we do for all of our clients.

#1 Instant recognition anywhere

#2 A people first approach

#3 Reaction creates attraction

#4 Everchanging as a constant

#5 Craft is key

IDentify. IDeate. IDentity.


People insights, Segmentation, Brand/Sales drivers and Brand positioning studies, Product portfolio strategy, Customer journey mapping, Omni-channel mapping, Design debt, visual audit



Brand role, Concepts & brand worlds, Naming, Innovation concepts, Sensory strategy, Sound & Voice strategy



Visual identity, Packaging, Retail Concept & physical environment, Web & digital space, Final Art, Manualisation, Implementation, Guardianship