Equip yourself

Bike Eqpe

Retail concept
Spatial brand experience

In Sigtuna outside Stockholm NORD ID was asked to create a store concept for a new bicycle shop called Eqpe. The commitment was to do so on a low budget, in a short amount of time. The two entrepreneurs offer a high maintenance level that they wanted to be visualized in a sophisticated way, since many of the bikes have a high price tag. The store concept is inspired by the materials found in engineering workshops, with a tranquil twist.

The concept and layout.

The store has a very “airy” feel due to the high ceiling of 8 meters. One key element of our concept was to work with the height in different ways e.g. hang objects or divide the long layout in different cells with hanging walls. By using yellow lashing straps to hang objects (and communication) the visual impact has a connection to the brand identity color. 
The floor plan is based upon long podiums placed in the center of the store, a “runway”, to focus on hero products. The walls around have large metal pinboards that display the bikes at various heights.


Display units.

The hero bikes are displayed on the long podium (and in the front window), and the secondary bikes are hung on walls, displayed on metal pinboards. A yellow strap holds the bike on a wooden shelf. Clothes are displayed on a moveable rack in light wood. The yellow straps are also found hanging in the ceiling from a rig. The rig can also be used to divide the long room into several smaller spaces. All together the display units create a very flexible solution for the store throughout the different seasons.


The workshop.

Another key element within the store layout is to enhance the ”heart” of the store – the workshop. In the back office, all the knowledge there is to know about bicycles comes alive. The workshop is placed at the end of the store behind sliding glass doors. Visitors can watch and have a chat with the mechanics. In the front of the workshop there is a washing unit in stainless steel.