Crafted by hand, baked with passion

Stora Bageriet

Brand identity
Design strategy
Brand implementation
Spatial brand experience
Interior design concept

The founders of Stora Bageriet (The large bakery) wanted to create something new in Stockholm’s bakery scene. They wanted to differentiate their new concept from the many other cosy ”boulangeries” in the city area. NORD ID was determined from the start to emphasize the professionalism and thoroughness carried out by the bakery staff.

The key element in the brand toolbox is the hand. It stands for Stora’s craftsmanship and gives the identity a human presence. The vivid blue hand appears in multiple ways – from various static expressions to moving hands. The playfulness of the brand has grown popular in the neighbourhood, with the bakery printing posters with an assortment of hands to meet the demands of their regular customers.

The interior reflects both sides of what Stora wants to project – one side is the bakery skills that the bakery performs in a very strict and accurate way. The other side is the craftsmanship – the hand. The solution was to divide the bakery in these two parts. The bakery section has a clean and industrial expression, with materials such as stainless steel and flat white tiles. The other side – the customer side – has a raw and robust feel. The handmade ceramic tiles along the walls meet the long benches made of thick, raw pine beams.