Industrial emissions face mist


Digital experience
UX design
Digital design
Motion design
Packaging concept

Campaign site and product design for Vattenfalls latest initiative - Industrial Face Mist. Vattenfall, one of Europe’s leading companies and producers within the energy sector with focus to become a leader within the energy sector enabling people to work towards fossil freedom in their everyday lives. This focus is translated into all Vattenfall’s brand activities. The latest being the Mist Campaign, where Vattenfall’s progress in powering the production of fossil free hydrogen, a fuel that emits clean water instead of carbon dioxide. The goal was to reach a broader audience, beyond the energy sector. To reach that goal, a Face Mist was created, made of wastewater from fossil free hydrogen, together with well-known ingredients, resulting in a refreshing beauty product.

The visual idea was totally based on water from the 3D printed cap to Caras custom made dress and flowing scrollytelling for the campaign site.

The impact

The site itself saw a 792% increase in page views in comparison to the previous brand campaign of a similar size, a figure unseen on previous Vattenfalll landing pages. A much larger %-age than usual came from Social Media (20%) showing we had reached the broader audiences we aimed for.