Reviving an icon


Refined logotype
Design strategy
Packaging concept
Info graphics

Since 1909, Läkerol has been a well-known Swedish pastille brand with high recognition and strong emotional bands with its devoted followers. To preserve and revive Läkerol’s soul, we focused on the rich heritage of the brand, without turning it into a retro design.

Reviving an icon.

The logotype has been completely reworked, inspired by the rich history of wordmarks that the brand has used since 1909. The characters, classic sans-serifs with modern angles, together with the characteristic arc, gives the logo a humble yet distinguished look.


Logotype and A-symbol.

The A-symbol has been simplified and optimized for smaller areas. It is positioned in the classic Läkerol way – in the center of the front and on top of the lid. A scaled-up version of the A-symbol is also used as a graphic background pattern.


Colors of taste.

The front design has been simplified by removing both the pastille images and flavor illustrations. Instead, it is by way of the three-tone color scheme of each pack that we communicate the full flavor. This clarification makes it easier for the consumer to find their favorite flavor on the shelf.
The darker the color, the darker the taste. Each flavor has been defined according to a flavor system, where licorice-based flavors own the darker tones, and the more fruity and sweet flavors own the lighter color tones. This creates an intuitive way for the consumer to find the pastille which matches their taste preference.  


Layout and typography.

Every element on the pack has been refined and placed in a way that conveys quality. With a clear and unified expression, we have created a greater impact on the store shelf.
An infotainment area, that curates and clarifies the different flavors, has been placed on the back of the pack.