Shaped by people


Global campaign
Art direction
Visual brand concept

This image style is a direct translation of the Skanska strategy. As storytellers, the images act as carriers of how, where and for whom, Skanska shapes the way we live. The image style is optimistic, confident, clear, and bright/sharp. The color tones are natural, full, and vibrant. A core feature is the presence of clear directions, angles, and shapes in every motif.

Skanska is a global player in construction and society at large, founded in Sweden 1887 and now an iconic worldwide brand.

We developed the new brand positioning "The knowledge and foresight to shape the way we live", to reflect Skanska's values and understanding of every decision’s impact. From this position we created the design concept "Shaping": focusing on construction, shapes, precision, innovation, and distinct architectural references - in an otherwise traditional category. In short it tells the story of how Skanska shapes the way we live.