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Brand strategy
Brand brand identity
Custom typeface design
Digital brand experience
Brand voice
Motion identity
3D creation
Event concept
Brand implementation

A global leader of not only payment devices, but also the entire payments system, Verifone had through acquisitions grown to also encompass e-commerce and much more. As the “Payments Architect” shaping ecosystems for an ever-evolving world of commerce, the identity is centered around an idea of interconnected modularity that not only feels physically tangible but also emphasizes the digital to create a truly omni-commerce experience. With the interconnected “dots” at the core, everything from the logotype to the typeface was redesigned and shaped into a flexible, visually striking system: 3D shapes, conceptual iconography, interactive icons, and a web design, thereby creating a fully immersive experience, ensuring brand consistency in all channels, and providing endless variation potential that serves Verifone’s physical devices, digital products, services, and environments.