Fula fiskar


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Every year, tons of food is thrown away simply because of how it looks, that it is not perfect or conforms to the standard. An apple with a brown spot, breaded fish sticks that are crooked or a slightly uneven slice of ham. Together with the Swedish convenience store brand Willys and in collaboration with Garant, we therefore launched a waste-smart product range - a new and innovative way to tackle food waste, by collaborating between suppliers and stores. Instead of rejecting the ugly, crooked, stained and bent, we chose to pay tribute to the non-normative in the concept of Svinnsmart products. And we let the idea permeate everything! From the products themselves, which were previously sorted out, to the packaging, where we chose to go with the simplest solutions that many actors would rather opt out of. We visualized the products with quick doodles and wrote the typography with the wrong hand. In the naming process, we embraced words that others shun: for example, ugly fish and crooked slices. The product line is a hit! Today we have more than ten different products and more to come. Win win no svinn!